Anjan Lal

I’m a passionate wildlife photographer based in New Delhi, India. It’s been over six years since I began my foray into the field of wildlife photography. 

As a child, I always envisioned myself creating awareness about wildlife protection throughout the world. By the time I finished my basic schooling & university, I developed an interest in wildlife documentary movies & books. Images of all forms of wild animals from across the globe & India immensely made me think of a suitable hobby for myself.

In 2013, I ended up with a decent DSLR camera & a telephoto lens to shoot wildlife in India. By 2015, I had already bought myself another longer super telephoto camera lens to easily photograph smaller animal species such as birds, insects & even baby mammals. 

By 2017, my portfolio collection had already covered nearly 300-400 different animal species from India & Africa. Interestingly, in order to improve my photography skills, I had already made several trips to East Africa (mostly Kenya & Tanzania). This helped me to make use of different natural habitat & sunlight settings to photograph all major species of animals.

Until now, I’ve collected several notable accolades through various photography contests in India & throughout the world. Most social media platforms, such as Facebook & Instagram have already assisted me increasing my worldwide fame. Nevertheless, I hope this social media backbone certainly assists me in increasing my very own brand image worldwide through selling wildlife prints, stationery & other miscellaneous accessories to my customers in the future.